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Blue Skies Entertainment is a Management and TV and Film Development company.  Easing the pressure off of the creative process, our team focuses on creating content with purpose.   At Blue Skies Entertainment, our Executive Team simplifies the film-making process by handling the operational and management side and enabling investors to invest in a collection of properties which have the consistent work from our team of executives. 


Our team is selective about the projects we decide can be profitable.  We look for projects that can benefit from the contribution of our expertise.  When Blue Skies selects a project to develop, it is matched to our vision of creating entertaining media for the marketplace.  That vision involves stories which are inspiring, encouraging, and enlightening for audiences.  Our goal is to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way.  We have worked with companies such as HBO Studios, Viacom, MTV, CBS Cable, Warner Brothers, Hallmark, to name a few.


Blue Skies Entertainment only works on film properties which match our vision.  Then we work through the various stages of development which may include creating screenplays, business plans, finance options and management of projects through production, branding, marketing and the launch of the project into the marketplace.  We are accountable for the life cycle of the project. 

With over 30 years in the industry, our team of executives, position film properties for success and back it with the expertise needed to make the most out of potential revenues of a project.  The blend of business initiatives with the creative process provides a very effective method for producing film, television and digital media content in today’s diverse marketplace.  We understand the landscape of what it means to fully monetize the film-making experience.

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