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Memoirs of Vicki Lea.

While working for TNN in Nashville,  CBS Cable merged with Viacom and our Network moved under the Management of MTV.  As a Creative Executive, I began flying to New York every Tuesday to strategize the direction for the new branding of the Network.  During those regular meetings to determine the fate of the Network, our group consisted of three of the four Founders of MTV and a couple of Consultants ... in addition to me and another Executive from TNN. 

Each week, we would discuss the strategy for TNN and the transition to a NEW Brand.  I was on the strategic branding team for the new brand.  There were many meetings in New York to discuss the possible direction.

Knowing the strength of TNN as a Top 10 Network, I first suggested that MTV Corporate embrace the current brand of TNN and broaden it's reach.  TNN had a 80 Million Household base which was a huge advantage over other networks.  MTV's New York Founders were not familiar with a Network like TNN with an Americana viewership - ie: viewers in the states between New York and Los Angeles. 

In one of our discussions, I proposed that we produce new shows that were family-based.  You see, MTV had always programmed for a niche market with MTV Networks reaching 55 Million Households and reaching a target market  heavy with a male audience.  TNN had a broader audience, still with a heavy male audience, yet still spanned the Nation with bigger numbers.

As we were discussing the direction for the Network, I proposed that we develop a different type of programming than MTV's past..... FAMILY PROGRAMMING.  Not wanting to specifically mention names, the question was posed, "What do you mean, Ozzie and Harriet shows?"  "No." I answered.  "A current Ozzie and Harriet Show."

Immediately that comment evolved into a Blackberry text to the MTV Network by one of the Founders of MTV, to create the new show "The Ozzie Osbourne Show."

Thus the Ozzie Osbourne Show was born.  All with a comment to create a current "Ozzie" family show.

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