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Ozzie Osbourne Show

Vicki Lea will share the story behind the creation of the television show "The Ozzie Osbourne Show." 



The story of the York Institute is an interesting one.  While producing the show, "America's Treasures," Vicki Lea ran across an issue arising around the York Institute.  The historic building was to be demolished within 60 days.  Rather than walking away, Vicki asked if she could help the York Foundation to solve the issue.  The following story is the result of that effort. 

Public RelationsDilemma

Vicki Lea was presented with an issue.  A General Manager of a television station was in a dilemma.  One that seemed impossible to solve.  Should he air a television show that was controversial and be criticized or should he decide to block the airing of the program and be considered an Executive who has an agenda?  Vicki offered a simple and logical answer.... read how the issue was resolved on the BLOG.

Behind the Scenes Stories



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