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A Creative Film & TV Company

High Concept


Development, Planning, Production, Branding, Management


Inspiring, Encouraging, Enlightening


Handle the Life Cycle of the Project


Ethics and Values in Business

Blue Skies Entertainment is a Management and TV and Film Development company.  Easing the pressure off of the creative process, our team focuses on creating content with purpose.   At Blue Skies Entertainment, our Executive Team simplifies the production process. 

With over 30 years in the industry, our team knows every aspect of media, tv and film production.  We know how to eliminate problems in the production process which translates into budget conscious results. 

With all of the EXPERIENCE that our team has in the industry, we can eliminate problems, bypass overcharges, and reach the projects ultimate purpose without all of the problems that we've heard crop up with other Production Companies. 

When Blue Skies handles a project, we explain all of the production details.  Unlike other production companies, we make sure to provide all of the facts about the process along with realistic expectations.  And, we deliver what we promise.  Our team budgets the production the way it needs to be budgeted.  No surprises.

Types of Shows

1. Documentaries

2. Inspirational

3. Reality

4. Comedy

5. Branded Shows

6. News Magazine Shows

7. Paranormal

8. Talk Shows

9. Cooking Shows

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